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THE SHORT version

26-year-old singer-songwriter Danny Fishman mixes Americana, rock, and folk influences to craft music that is both distinctly his own and immediately familiar. His debut EP, What I Meant to Say, energetically narrates coming of age stories that reckon with heartbreak, identity, and the rediscovery of hope. Danny’s catchy hooks and thoughtful lyrics make the vulnerability at the core of each song uniquely accessible to his listeners.

Danny's live shows are marked by his inviting stage presence and heartfelt performances. He interweaves humor and sincerity to create a welcoming atmosphere for his audiences. As a part of the rising singer-songwriter scene in New York, Danny consistently plays all over the city in popular venues such as Rockwood Music Hall and The Bitter End. Though based in Brooklyn, he has performed throughout the US.

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The long version

Sometimes things need to get worse before they can get better.

One cool November night in New York City I found myself sitting on the doorstep to my apartment building. My body weighed a thousand pounds, and not because I’d been eating six Reese's Peanut Butter Cups a day — I had, but this was a different kind of heavy. I’d just realized  that my life was over.

I had returned home after a conversation with a close friend in which I’d finally acknowledged the hard truth that over the previous several years I had run away from everything I cared about, and now I was a year and a half into another job whose purpose I didn’t believe in. The way I saw it, if I went back to school for something I actually wanted to pursue I’d be 30 by the time I was starting another career. I was hoping to be a lot further along by that point in my life. I slumped down against the railing next to the doorstep and… well, I just sat there feeling like a wet sandbag with no future.

The next morning as I was biking to work something happened that hadn’t happened in a while: I started to cry. I pulled over to the side of the road where I gasped and heaved and wept and sobbed. I thought about the years I had spent trying to hide how much of a fuck-up I felt like from my friends and family so that they wouldn’t think that I was as much of a fuck-up as I did. It all came flooding out of me. The dam had finally broken, and it felt so good.

When it was done, I wiped the streaks of tears off of my cheeks and decided that even if I was behind schedule, it was time to change. So two weeks later, not knowing exactly what came next, I resigned and walked out to start a life that might mean something more to me.


What I Meant to Say is a collection of songs that has been years in the making, but was recorded over a six-month period spanning from the end of 2017 into early 2018. It was produced and mixed by Katie Buchanan, and mastered by Giovonni Lobato. I wrote these songs about the moments and people that are most important to me. This is my story so far and I'm proud to share it.